Scrapbooking: A Unique Art

“A picture is worth a thousand words, but a scrapbook is worth a million memories…” Author: Remedios Linda C. Villarosa- Garcia

Summer 2007, the summer before I started 6th grade. I had been bored the past few days and was looking for a craft to keep me occupied. I was walking down the scrapbooking aisle in Walmart, a small package caught my eye, the label read: “My first scrapbook” and a caption below read: “add whatever you want”. The only thing that the package contained was small pink spiral-bound scrapbook. I knew my mom would have any kind of scrapbooking materials that I might need.

My mom started scrapbooking in the early 90’s and bought a lot of her products through “Creative Memories”. She always told me “If you ever want to start scrapbooking, do not buy anything because I already have everything.” Right when I got home I started writing down ideas for the scrapbook I just bought, I ended up deciding to make a scrapbook of all the 2×3″ pictures that I had received from some of the girls in my grade over the years. Throughout that whole scrapbook all the pictures contained 3 main elements: vibrant scrapbook paper for a background, a picture, the girls name, followed by the grade they were in when the picture was taken. All the pages seemed so simple and not anything like the scrapbook pages my mom had created, which I thought were always so awesome. I always hoped that I would be able to scrapbook as well as my mom. I completed the spiral bound scrapbook by the end of the summer, then school came around in the fall and  homework took the place of hobbies.

I did not scrapbook again until 2012.  It was my junior year and my best friend Kianna was the reporter for our local FFA (Future Farmers of America) Chapter, as one of her duties she had to complete a scrapbook that included our chapters activities throughout the year. She knew I had scrapbooked and she thought I was pretty good so she asked me one night if I could help her and I said sure. I helped her complete her scrapbook and she received 4th at the Area competitions in May of 2012. It was then that I knew that I wanted to interview to be the Alton FFA Chapter Reporter for the 2013-2014 School year and complete my own scrapbook and take the blue ribbon. I got the position and went on to complete a 60 page 12×16″ scrapbook and received 1st place at the Area 16 Scrapbook Contest. Since I received 1st place I opted out of the competitions at the district level my book and I went directly to State level. Since there is such a diversity with all the Areas across the state of Missouri each scrapbook that placed first in their Area has the honor to be displayed for the whole state to see at the Missouri State FFA Convention in April. So in April 2014 My book and I attended the 86th Annual Missouri FFA State Convention in Columbia, Missouri.

Scrapbooking is such a unique art and has so many good qualities, just a few are: it is very relaxing, it lets your “creative juices” flow, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment once you have completed a scrapbook.

  • The First Scrapbook
  • Who Can Scrapbook?
  • Why Scrapbook?

The First Scrapbooks

No one knows the exact date when the first scrapbook was compiled. We do know however that the first book with ideas about how to add elements to a blank scrapbook was released in 1825 simply named “The Scrapbook”. Scrapbooks back in 1825 were much different than what we think of it now. The camera wasn’t invented until 1839 so before that scrapbooks mostly included items such as: quotes, poems, calling cards and other various keepsakes. Then when 1839 rolled around scrapbooking was changed forever. Today when we think of a scrapbook we think of a big version of a photo album with it’s own individual page not only including a picture but also embellishments that go with each page. For example if you have a picture of your son on Santa’s lap you might have a snowy background with a sleigh  and a journal section in which you recall what happened on the day the picture was taken.

Who Can Scrapbook?

Absolutely anyone! The nice thing about scrapbooking is that the scrapbook is about preserving your history however you want. The possibilities are endless for page layouts, embellishments, and everything else. It’s all up to to you!

Why Scrapbook?

Everyone should consider trying scrapbooking as a hobby because it is easy to do, fun, relaxing, and has some great benefits. Scrapbooking is so easy to pick up because the pages are your own, you can do whatever you want. Scrapbooking lets you express yourself artistically on the page; a page can say a lot about a person. Scrapbooking is a great way to preserve your memories for years to come. If you use the right supplies like acid free and lignin free paper your scrapbook will last for generations. Sure, a family can have a “Family Photo Album” that they just insert pictures into, but a person has to put so much more effort into a scrapbook. A scrapbook can also be a one of a kind gift because you can’t just go down to Hobby Lobby to pick up a scrapbook for your friend, you have to collect the supplies, pictures and memorabilia, and then decide how you are going to use them.