Stop ILLEGAL Immigration


Well we all know this is always a tough can of worms to open up so here we go. First of all notice my title “Stop ILLEGAL Immigration”. Notice the emphasis on illegal. The citizens country of the United States of America are themselves immigrants, or their ancestry goes back to immigrants from countries around the globe. America has been seeing immigration since the 1870’s!! Think about it do we all English Names like “Smith”?… NOPE we have German, Spanish, Italian, Irish… so on and so forth names. And are all of them STRAIGHT German STRAIGHT Spanish?! NOPE! Take my name for example and my heritage. My last name is Hufstedler by my dad and it is German. However my dad’s mom has Irish in her too. My mom’s side of he family has French in the ancestry for example my great, great uncle Rufus Shassere was a full-blooded Frenchman.

The reason we need to stop illegal immigration is because just like our ancestors, people from other countries want to become citizens of the United States they should have to work for it. NOT just waltz right into our country and say ok gimme gimme gimme my rights. UM NO. They are not US citizens, they are people who are still citizens of their home country and that is ILLEGAL to sneak across the boarder. Besides not only is it not fair to the immigrants that worked so hard to become US citizens, it is dangerous to the current US citizens. Did you know that when some illegal immigrants cross the boarder they not only bring themselves, but also a wide variety of viruses and diseases.










There are just 7  things that immigrants have to do to legally become a US citizen.

1.) Determine if you are eligible to become a US citizen

2.) Get 2 passport style photos

3.) Complete Naturalization papers

4.) Go to biometrics appointment (recording fingerprints and things like that)

5.) Complete an interview

6.) Get a letter to see if you have granted permission to become naturalized

and finally if everything checks out

7.) Take the Oath of Allegiance at a naturalization ceremony

If you think about it seven steps isn’t that hard. If an immigrant truly wants to become a US citizen they will work really hard to do so. PLUS if the immigrant does go through the process of becoming a US citizen they will have all the rights of an American, compared to just being an illegal by crossing the boarder.

This last image explains my stance on this controversial topic.




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