Teachers VS. Time Magazine

Ah yes Time Magazine is once again picking a fight with teachers. Just like they did back in 2008 with their cover that said “How to Fix America’s Schools”. However this time Time is claiming that teachers are “Rotten Apples”.

In Times’s most recent edition of the magazine they talked about teacher tenure: they claimed that tenure makes it harder to fire “bad teachers”, keeping them in the classroom.

OK first of all tenure was invented for teachers that had been in the education system for a set amount of time that protected their jobs from their employer firing them “Just Because”.

How do you determine if a teacher is a “Bad Teacher”?

According to Time Magazine the primary way is thorough the student’s grades. However I disagree.

Now, on to this testing scores shows how if a teacher is good or bad nonsense.

OK numero Uno… there ARE students who if they had the absolute BEST teacher in the world right in front of them teaching them. They still would make bad test grades. That’s called lack of effort ladies and gentlemen. However there is a thing called “Test Anxiety” were the students really DO know the material the stress of a test just freaks them out and they’re test scores go down the drain.

Now, my opinion on the “Rotten Apples” comment by Time. I believe that this statement is very critical and hurtful to our teachers. Have you ever stopped and thought “How did I get to where I am now in my career?” All of this started at around age 6, in a school, with teachers. These teachers taught you the most basic things like the alphabet all the way to Physics problems in high school. Where would we be without teachers?

Most people think that teachers get up go to school start class in the morning teach just teach all day and leave at three o’clock. I for one KNOW this is not true. Teachers do not just leave at the same time all the students do. Teachers have so much extra work and most is not paid. My mother is a K- 6 Music teacher who has been employed at the same school for 20 years.

Right now you’re thinking that ALL my mom does all day is teach music and then go home at three o’clock. Um… NO. My mom teaches music, has lunch duty, has recess duty and teaches RTI… everyday. RTI (Response to Intervention) is a reading comprehensive testing to help kids read better. RTI seems pretty simple right?! No there is alot of stuff that goes into RTI. You have to make word games for the kids (On your own time) and so much other stuff. Does my mother get paid for these extra hours? NOPE. I don’t know how many days after school we would stay in her room because mom had to do school stuff. Once again is she paid for these extra hours? NOPE. Teachers are a very important role in the community.

Hmm let’s see time magazine…Do you still think that teachers are “Rotten Apples”?


One thought on “Teachers VS. Time Magazine

  1. Haileigh,

    This is a strong op-ed. I think your attitude and passion fits the casual and conversational aspect of some op-ed styles quite well. I agree with you fully on the Time Magazine article. Yes, bad teachers can indeed be fired. These tech entrepreneurs who bill themselves as philanthropists simply want to corner the market on school technology because there is billions to be made in reforming school curriculum toward inculcating young people into becoming dependent on their products. Teachers Unions are the most powerful voice in determining school policies, so these tech billionaires want to crush the unions’ strength by abolishing tenure and thus diminishing teachers’ feelings of security in speaking out. Demonizing teachers shouldn’t work as a tactic, but it does because there are plenty of militantly ignorant people in this country.

    Great work 20/20


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